A Step Forward

by Aug 27, 2021Nonprofits, South Brunswick

Brunswick Partnership for Housing begins renovations on the Southport building that will house its new temporary shelter.

On the morning of August 9, a dedicated group of volunteers ignored the oppressive heat and began demolishing the inside of the building at 250 E. 11th Street in Southport. This is the first step in converting the former medical office building into the future home for some of Brunswick County’s homeless population.

Brunswick Partnership Housing Renovation NC

The building was purchased in October of 2020, and, thanks to some generous donors and grants, the Brunswick Partnership for Housing (BPH) now has enough funds to begin renovating it. Their goal is to raise $600,000 over a two-year period.

When completed, the facility will have four apartments, with offices in the front and a laundry room in the back.

There will be two one-bedroom apartments, one of which will be fully handicapped accessible, and two apartments with two bedrooms each to accommodate families. Each unit will have its own entrance, and there will be plenty of parking available. The spacious and scenic backyard will have tables and benches and some playground equipment for the younger residents.

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BPH was established in 2019 with the goal of providing temporary shelter for those who have lost their home through just plain bad luck. Perhaps due to a natural disaster like a hurricane or fire or flood, or because they lost their job or because they became ill. It’s for people who need a little help to get back on their feet.

BPH’s purpose to be “a transitional housing agency providing eligible families with a safe, stable environment in which to live for nine to 18 months.”

BPH Executive Director Sally Learned says she hopes they will be ready to welcome their first family by late winter 2022. “It all depends on the funding,” she says. “This is very much a pay-as-you-go operation.”

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Can you help?
If you would like to be a part of the effort to help Brunswick Partnership for Housing establish temporary housing in Southport, you can make a donation on their website at brunswickpartnership.org.

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