A Quilter’s Challenge

by Sep 13, 2021Art & Culture, South Brunswick

Oak Island Beach Quilters prove that the challenge of working with monochromatic colors can lead to beautiful results.

Every year the Oak Island Beach Quilters presents their members with a new challenge. This year the challenge was to make a quilt using only one color, or at least one dominant color. Quilters could use as many different shades and hues of that color as they wanted and maybe even weave in a small amount of another one, but their dominant color had to remain obvious.

Oak Island Beach NC Quilters

Their quilts are now hanging in the upstairs room of Franklin Square Gallery. You might be as surprised as I was to see how stunning and creative these monochrome quilts turned out to be. It’s definitely worth a trip up to the gallery to check them out.

And if you don’t want to climb all those steep stairs, don’t forget that the gallery has an elevator in the back.

Under each quilt there is a statement by the artist about why they chose that particular color and subject. One of the more unexpected comments was from an artist who said she wanted to pick “a color I don’t normally use to get out of my color rut.” Right about then her large orange cat walked into the room, so she chose an orange and cat theme.

1st Place OI NC Quilters

Another artist said, “I chose brown because it is definitely not my favorite color.” I can’t imagine working that hard with a color I don’t like, but this quilt turned out to be the perfect background for the seashells the artist put on her quilt. Another woman chose purple because it is her daughter’s favorite color. Not surprisingly, several of the artists were inspired to make their quilt with an ocean theme.

OIB Quilters NC

After you get through admiring all of these amazing works of art, you are invited to vote for your favorite. Even though I liked several of them, making my choice was very easy. But maybe that’s because I love the color blue and I like everything about the ocean.