A Guide to Long-Term Growth

by Mar 22, 2021Around Town, North Brunswick

The Town of Leland seeks public input for Leland 2045, its 25-year planning initiative, at a March 25 virtual meeting.

Considering its rapid rise in population over the last several years, the Town of Leland is planning now to ensure that future growth is managed responsibly and with the needs of residents in mind.

As part of Leland 2045 — a 10- to 12-month initiative to create a comprehensive plan for land use over the next 25 years — the town will host the first of several community meetings later this month.

Leland NC 2045 Planning

Leland has partnered with award-winning planning and strategic services consulting firm Design Workshop for Leland 2045, which will update, incorporate and build upon land use and transportation plans previously adopted by the town and establish a policy framework for future planning.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, Leland’s population jumped from 13,614 in 2010 to 23,544 in 2019, an increase of approximately 73 percent. Projection models show the area is expected to grow at a similar rate over the next decade.

“Leland 2045 will create a community-driven vision for the growth and development of Leland while balancing the need for open space, environmental resiliency, housing opportunities and places for the social well-being of residents and visitors,” says Town of Leland Planning and Inspections Director Ben Andrea.

Among other topics and issues, Leland 2045 will evaluate demographic, economic and housing trends and recommendations for building strong communities that support lifelong residential needs.

Also included in the project will be recommendations for a multi-model transportation network that would encompass bicycle and pedestrian solutions; an analysis of environmental assets and identification of preservation and conservation areas; an inventory of historic, cultural and heritage resources and strategies for enhancing that history and culture through future development; land use and community design; and specific goals, policies and action items needed to implement the Leland 2045 plan.

Town of Leland NC Growth 2045

Within each of those elements, public input will play a significant role, Andrea notes.

“The outcome of this project is a set of policies to guide the kinds of preservation, growth and development the community envisions,” Andrea says.

“To be successful, we need to hear from community members about their visions for the future of Leland.”

The first Leland 2045 community meeting, held virtually on January 19, included a presentation of the comprehensive plan and what it entails as well as a survey designed to help guide priorities for supporting growth and economic development while also protecting the town’s natural environment and promoting cultural diversity.

Get Involved in Leland 2045
The next virtual public meeting for Leland 2045 is scheduled for Thursday, March 25 at 7 pm. Sign up online at Leland2045.com
Another meeting is tentatively scheduled for August.
For more information on Leland 2045 or the upcoming virtual community meeting, call the Leland Planning Department, (910) 371-3390.
Full details regarding project elements, meeting information and meeting registration are available at Leland2045.com