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by May 14, 2024Partners, South Brunswick

For Sheila Smeltzer, owner of A+ Pro Services, success is finding the best employees and providing the best customer service.

Sheila Smeltzer never intended to wash windows for a living. Her favorite job after high school was a tour guide at Good Times Adventures in Breckenridge, Colorado, where she led backpacking groups through the mountains and to the Continental Divide.

Now she is president of A+ Pro Services, a Shallotte-based company that cleans windows, pressure washes the exterior of homes and buildings, repairs scratched glass and performs a variety of maintenance chores for businesses and residences.
“My mission is to find good people to serve my clients,” Smeltzer says.

Her Hungarian pointer, Beau, also known as Beaucephus, has learned customer-friendly techniques as well. He welcomes visitors to the A+ Services facility and nudges for a pet on his auburn fur.

“I’ve dedicated my entire adult life to serving our clients in this business,” Smeltzer says “All the feedback we get, that’s how we have crafted our service.”

Sheila Smeltzer A+ Pro Services

This commitment was confirmed when A+ Pro Services won the Brunswick County Chamber of Commerce Outstanding Customer Service award in 2019.

Smeltzer explains that training is an essential function of her company with weekly safety and monthly technical updates for her 25 employees. Her daughter, Sadie Smeltzer, oversees outbound sales, and Sadie’s husband, Ciaran Hennessy, is a star technician. Sadie says she takes pride in her job because she is helping her mom.

“This is a business that raised me essentially,” the 24-year-old says. “I’m just giving back to that. Our customers, obviously, are the best in the world.”

Sadie has another advantage. “I just had a baby in July,” she says. “I don’t know of any other job where I can bring [Rori] to work with me and still have my job.” She laughs. “It’s a family affair.”

Smeltzer says she never told Sadie or her other daughter, Izzy, 22, she needed them at A+ Services, but they told her, “I never want to clean windows, Mom.” Izzy is studying commercial photography at Appalachian State.

It happened that COVID stymied Sadie and Ciaran from working and attending college classes in Florida, so Sadie asked, “Mom, can we come back and work for you for a while?” Smeltzer never hesitated to welcome them.

Smeltzer grew up in Davenport, Iowa, and excelled at writing, art, volleyball, basketball and softball. Once at Colorado State University, where her brother was on the football team, she lost her enthusiasm for those activities and found skiing, backpacking and Andrew Smeltzer.

A+ Pro Services Brunswick NC

Andrew grew up in Socastee, South Carolina, and was in the window cleaning business his entire life. When the couple married in 1999 and moved to Holden Beach, they opened A+ Professional Window Cleaning.

“We chose the name to be first in the phone book,” Smeltzer says with a laugh. “It doesn’t even matter now, but we were starting the company and had the business sense.”

The couple hired one employee to help Andrew on jobs while Smeltzer scheduled appointments and did the bookkeeping. When the couple parted in 2006, Smeltzer kept the business. Andrew moved to Myrtle Beach.

“I had to learn everything — how to carry and climb ladders, learn the pressure washing equipment, learn how to troubleshoot,” she says, and explains that the sole employee, no longer with the company, taught her the skills she needed.  Her workday was the hours her daughters were in school. “I would go home exhausted then do all the mom stuff.”

Smeltzer faced a major predicament when a construction company sued her company for $65,000 over scratched glass at a multi-unit complex.

“I decided I had to know how to run a business,” she says and investigated why the glass scratched and what she could do about it. International Window Cleaning Association (IWCA) had the answers, and Smeltzer discovered that scratched windows are a major problem in the window cleaning industry.

“I learned about glass surfaces,” she says. “There are four different types of glass identified by a stamp or other I.D.” She learned the characteristics of each type, so they would not get damaged.

It took three years to settle the lawsuit, which was to her advantage, and she became an active member of IWCA. She is its current president and has served on the glass education committee for more than 15 years.

“I watched other companies become successful, and I knew I could do the same,” she says.

Christina Davis, assistant community manager at Ocean Ridge Plantation in Ocean Isle Beach, which has been an A+ Pro Services client since 2016, says A+ does all the janitorial duties for Ocean Ridge. “They are reliable, efficient and professional,” she says.

A+ Pro Services Sheila Smeltzer

Kent Bullard of Holden Beach says he has used A+ for at least 10 years. “I’ve had them do everything — window cleaning, pressure washing, particularly on my driveway and sidewalk,” he says. “I like their professionalism. Everything has always been perfect. If you want it done right, they do it that way.”

When not working, Smeltzer works in her yard in the Windy Point area of Holden Beach. “I have a small John Deere tractor and a nice little chunk of heaven to tend,” she says.

Backpacking is another interest. “I like the challenge and immersing myself in the beauty of nature,” she says. “I love all outdoors.” She also spends time with Jon Cox, who shares her passion for an active life.

A+ Pro Services, though, is her primary concern.

“I have a real commitment to grow this company in alignment with the economic growth of our local economy,” she says.  “I want to do something special with A+ Pro, and it all starts with serving my employees. They are the backbone of this company.”

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