A Dream Grows in Leland

by Oct 7, 2019North Brunswick, Online Exclusives

Dr. Brian Lank opens Coastal Integrative Health in Leland.

When asked “What do you want to be when you grow up?” when he was a kid, Brian Lank did not give a standard response. He might have answered “a professional baseball player,” as he was quite talented in the sport. But his answer was “a chiropractor!”

He probably has his older brother to thank for that, as it was a neck injury Lank sustained during horseplay with his brother that started him on the path he follows today. When muscle relaxers and painkillers did not work to ease his pain, his father took him to a chiropractor, and Lank found himself back at 80 to 85 percent pain-free movement after just three visits. For the freshman in high school, a dream was born.

“From that point on, all I wanted to be was a chiropractor,” says the youthful, affable doctor.

A Pennsylvania native, Dr. Lank attended Shippensburg University, then moved to the South in 2002 when his parents did and attended Coastal Carolina University. The glow of his dream never faded or waivered during those years, and he eventually attended Logan University in St. Louis, Missouri, to set about realizing it.

After settling into a townhouse in Sunset Beach, where the now Dr. Lank used the bottom two floors to treat patients with sports-related issues on a part-time basis, he signed on as an associate with a local doctor and eventually bought the practice from her. That practice, now booming in Shallotte, is called Coastal Integrative Health.

As an athlete who knew the value of teamwork, Dr. Lank knew he wanted that concept to be the backbone (no pun intended) of any treatment plan. His practice has a full complement of physical therapists, massage therapists and nutritional therapists to assist his patients.

The team concept Dr. Lank so values has clearly been deployed in Shallotte, where his clientele consists of 60 percent or more who are golfers, looking to improve the physics of their swings. With an indoor hitting area that allows him to analyze the physics of a client’s swing, Dr. Lank has found that, often, pain associated with a particular area is actually a result of the improper physics of the swing. Correct that, and the pain usually mitigates itself.

What’s more, that is exactly the concept he will be bringing to the Leland area as of Friday, October 11, 2019

With his new office set to open in The Villages at Brunswick Forest at 1175 Turlington Avenue, Suite 103, Coastal Integrative Health will begin to assist everyone from babies to senior citizens in living healthier, more pain-free lives.

This is especially true for those who are making Leland the booming area it is. Lank knows that many of them are seasoned citizens who enjoy active lifestyles, but sometimes have the aches and pains associated with aging. And he can help relieve those pains.

“I am dedicated to replicating the care I provide in Shallotte to my patients up here in Leland, and I will not settle for anything less,” Dr. Lank says. “We have an outstanding staff ready to analyze, assess and deliver for those who make Coastal Integrative Health their choice for quality healthcare. Just as in Shallotte, this office will use the tried and true team concept to deliver quality healthcare to our clients.”

Dr. Lank will oversee the Leland operations, which will be available on Mondays and Thursdays from 7:45 am until 6 pm, Tuesdays from 7:45 am until 2 pm, Wednesdays from 7:45 am until 5 PM and Fridays from 7:45 am until 4 pm.

“I am very confident in the quality and expertise of my Leland staff,” Dr. Lank says. I value each of my clients, and I like to get to know them personally as well, and that is an important part of my approach.”

You can come out and experience that approach and meet his staff at the Grand Opening in the Villages at Brunswick Forest on Friday, October 11.You can even ask him what he wanted to be when he grew up. But don’t expect a different answer than the one he’s been giving since his freshman year of high school, where the dream began.



Coastal Integrative Health Grand Opening
Friday, October 11 at 4 to 6 pm
The Villages at Brunswick Forest, 1175 Turlington Avenue, Suite 103
(910) 408-1778


Photography by Mike Spencer