The PubScout and pals find Crave Italian Oven & Bar in North Myrtle Beach much to their liking.

My chiropractor, Brian Lank (who is excellent, by the way), and I have a deal. While he is practicing his brand of origami on my body, I share suggestions of good beers I think he would like. Between grunts, of course.

And he shares (though he never grunts) the names of restaurants he and his clients have raved about.

He has tipped me to some fine places, and the other day, he suggested a place in North Myrtle Beach (just across the line) called Crave Italian Oven & Bar. His clients have told him that the place, an Italian restaurant, is always packed with lines out the door.

Crave Italian Oven & Bar

So I figured it was worth a short trip. We called for reservations but were advised they had nothing till much later than we wanted eat. But they added that not all of their tables were reserved, in the event that some walk-ins wanted to sample their fare. So the Missus, Father Dave, The “Battle Axe” and I sallied forth, hoping that the wait would not be too long.

Thankfully, it wasn’t — just a half-hour. And that half-hour was totally worth the wait.

Walk in and you are greeted by a beautiful brick wood-fired oven named Eleanor.

And, oh yeah, a host, I might add. The place inside was packed, with 20-plus patrons opting to sit in the covered outside area, where there was a full bar and extra tables.

Crave Italian Oven & Bar N Myrtle Beach SC

Father Dave and I enjoyed a Dirty Myrtle at the bar as we waited, while the ladies opted to chat outside. There should be a picture of Crave’s dining room in the dictionary next to the word “bustling.”

The menu has everything a lover of Italian food could want, including an array of wood-fired pizzas generated by Eleanor.

And everything that came — efficiently — to our table was rated outstanding by everyone. Of course, with Tony Soprano leering down at us, we might have been a tad intimidated, but while eating, his look seemed to soften and say, “See? This is how you do Italian food!”

Pizza Crave Italian Oven & Bar

A delicious special appetizer of Crab Meat Stuffed Portobello with Shrimp preceded entrees of Lobster Ravioli with Shrimp, a Shrimp and Veal Saltimbocca, and two special wood-fired pizzas. All got very high praise from my tablemates.

Our server, Charmay, was as efficient as she was friendly. I love it when you can kibitz with a server and they know how to respond in kind, although in their mind, they are probably thinking, “Oh God. I got another live one here.”

The missus did some research on Crave and learned that the same owners also own another Crave in Myrtle Beach proper, and they offer a Latin Cantina in Myrtle Beach called Sol y Luna. Even more interestingly, they own the Carolina Social Bar — the only mobile bar service truck in the state available for rent.

Ravioli Crave Myrtle Beach SC

In all, it was a most worthwhile experience in a beautifully designed space, and certainly worth a 25-minute ride from SEBC.

Even if the likes of Marlon Brando, Al Pacino and Robert DeNiro were on overwatch, ensuring that things were done in a proper Italian style.

We will definitely be back. After all, it’s an offer we can’t refuse.

Want to go?
Crave Italian Oven & Bar
202 U.S. Highway 17 N., North Myrtle Beach, SC
(843) 258-9633