6 Tips for Bettering Your Summer to School Transition

by Aug 20, 2019South Brunswick

The whole family will feel better about the upcoming school days if you start these tips now.


After weeks of summer camps and vacations,unstructured bed and meal times, no school workand no routines, transitioning back to the daily grindof school can be difficult for some students (and parents!).

Here are a few tips that can help.

1. Get back on a sleep schedule.

Going to bed 15 minutes earlier and waking up 15 minutes earlier each day before going back to school can help everyone get adjusted to sleeping the right amount while still waking up for school atthe correct time each morning. Although there are not many days left to do this before heading back to school, just start as soon as you can! As always, be sure to create a sleeping environment that is dark and peaceful for your child. Keep radios, TVs and other electronic devices out of their bedrooms to avoid temptation and interference with sleep.

2. Structure a morning routine.

Aside from waking up earlier, it is also important to establish a structured morning routine. To help your child be successful, discuss what his or her morning routine will look like during the school year and start to implement it now. Don’t forget to brush your teeth!

3. Get back on a healthy meal-time routine.

Get back to the routine of eating three meals a day, plus a couple of snacks if needed. Kids who grazeall day long may have a tougher time waiting for lunchtime at school.

4. Practice picking out clothes the night before and sticking to the outfit you selected.

Most kids love picking out their own outfits for the first few days of school. It’s usually warm enough to still wear some of their summer ensembles, but some of those skimpy summer shorts and tanks are not school appropriate. You can make the transition easier by moving the skimpier summer wear toward the back of the closet and moving more appropriate school choices front and center.

5. Get organized.

Get your school supplies early, and maybe even take them to school on the orientation or meet the teacher day. Make sure your child has a planner this year. Help your child take advantage of this organizational tool by checking the planner each evening and asking questions that keep the focus on time management.

6. Practice dinner table talk.

If you’ve slacked off on family meals this summer, try to get back on track. See family dinner time as a way to communicate more and model conversations for your child. For example, “Someone I work with is always negative; it makes the day seem longer. Does that ever happen to you?” Learning that dinner is a safe space to share can help improve communication. Backtoschool fears and worries can be managed with a little structure and conversation.

The earlier you plan and execute strategies, the easier the summer-to-school transition will be. Good luck!


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