5 Tips for Staying Fit While on Vacation

Jun 27, 2019Brunswick County Life

5 Tips for Staying Fit While on Vacation

By Trina  Ferrantino

Is your long-awaited vacation finally here? Are you ready to renew your energy and enjoy your favorite beach activities? In addition to planning, packing and traveling to your favorite beach destination, don’t leave your healthy lifestyle at home. Take advantage of our beautiful South Brunswick County beaches and stay fit and on track by following these five tips.

  1. Practice Portion Control – Chances are you’ve made healthy food choices a big part of your lifestyle, and there is no need to neglect those decisions at the beach. Coastal North Carolina produces some amazing food choices, so indulge in fresh seafood and absorb some of the great local flavors and preparations. Grilled, steamed or blackened fish and shrimp can keep you on plan and are better options than their fried counterparts. Always keep the principle of moderation in mind and aim not to overindulge. Next, visit our local farmers markets for seasonal fresh fruits and vegetables. And, finally, think about preparing some of your vacation meals yourself instead of eating out for every meal. Studies have shown when Americans eat in restaurants, they consume an average of 200 calories more than when they stay in for meals. Make shopping and preparing your vacation meals a fun, family affair and be adventurous. Your family and your waistline will thank you!

  1. Walk the Beach – South Brunswick beaches boast many activities for the whole family. Walking on the beach is great for your legs and gives you an all-over tan. An added bonus, according to the Journal of Experimental Biology, is that beach walking burns 2.1 to 2.7 times more calories than walking on flat surfaces. Plus, walking is a great way to get up close and personal with our natural history and local wildlife. Guided education walks to Bird Island in Sunset Beach take place every Wednesday morning during the summer. And a hike to Bird Island isn’t complete without a visit to the world-renowned Kindred Spirits Mailbox. Or you can opt to take a morning hike every day to a favorite landmark, such as a pier or jetty and enjoy the breathtaking sunrise views. There are numerous areas to walk and hike on the barrier islands, so get out and discover new sights and experiences and stay in shape!

  1. Try Something New – It can be challenging to maintain a consistent exercise routine while on vacation. Taking an early morning walk or run on the beach is a great way to start your day, but you can also use your vacation to change up your fitness program and challenge yourself. Your body responds in a whole different way when you throw something new at it. Take a surf lesson, plan a kayak tour or go deep-sea fishing. Summertime Adventure Tours offers a variety of kayak excursions for the whole family. Have you tried standup paddleboarding or biking on the beach? Both offer fun ways to experience the area while keeping you fit in more ways than one! The key is to find something new you normally wouldn’t do at home and just go for it.

  1. Visit a Local Gym – There’s no reason to pack on the pounds on vacation. Enlist the help of your partner to keep you motivated and working hard while you’re away from home and strive to do something each day. Look for a fitness center with daily, weekly or monthly passes for visitors. Buy a pass and try a class! Body Edge Fitness (BodyEdgeNC.com) offers visitor passes and a wide variety of classes including Spin, Strength, Tabata, Barre, Beginner Yoga, Zumba, Yoga and others along with cardio and weight machines, personal training and a massage studio. Have you always wanted to try Zumba? Your opportunity is calling, so go, have fun, work up a sweat and then soothe those sore muscles with a relaxing massage.

  1. Keep it Fun – Don’t be a beach potato! Bring some basic beach toys, get out of that chair and play beach volleyball, Simon Says or flag football with the kids. Connect to your inner child and play games you played as a youngster with your kids. How about a water bucket relay? Give each person a cup, spoon or shell and have him/her run to the water to fill the implement and race to empty it in a bucket. Kids love the challenge of trying to keep the water from spilling before they get it into the bucket. Or organize a Beach Treasure Hunt by providing each person with a list and a bucket. Collect driftwood, shells, something round, something blue … use your imagination and create a list to keep everyone engaged. Play limbo at the beach using a pool noodle and beach tunes … how low can you go? Or experience the simple joy of flying a kite on your favorite beach. Keep it fun your way!

Remember to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Don’t forget the healthy snacks and water to keep everyone energized and hydrated. At some point on the way to dehydration, the brain starts to confuse thirst with hunger, which can lead to overeating, so be sure to maintain the recommended level of water intake and increase levels during physical activity. 

You’ve made wellness your lifestyle and it’s easy to maintain your healthy choices no matter where you are, so relax … and enjoy your vacation the healthy way!