2020 Future 10: Alister Chick

by Dec 22, 2020Brunswick County Life

Brunswick County Chamber of Commerce and South Brunswick Magazine recognize Brunswick County’s young professionals and future leaders.


I had aspirations to become a doctor,” Alister Chick says. “I was accepted to medical school but then talked to my dad, who is a financial advisor, about the long-term outlook for the profession and changed my mind.”

Chick’s core reason for becoming a doctor was to help people. He realized that he could also fulfill his purpose as a financial advisor helping people create and reach long-term goals that can put them on track for the rest of their lives.

“The two most important things in a person’s life are health and wealth,” Chick says. “Stress is a major health condition, and money is a major stress factor. I feel like I’ve found a way to hit both targets.”

On being included in this year’s Future 10, Chick says, “It’s a big honor, and I’m very excited, especially since I’m relatively new to the county.” Before moving to Shallotte, Chick served Wilmington-area clients for Edward Jones.

Born in Arizona but raised in Moore County, North Carolina, where his dad has his own Edward Jones office, Chick graduated from UNCW before being accepted to the Edward Jones Financial Advisor Career Development program.

In addition to managing his own office, he is very active in the firm’s leadership and helps develop and train other financial advisors in the region. Understanding how having a financial roadmap with goals can help people feel better about themselves and their futures, Chick appreciates being part of that experience. “Working one on one with clients to help them build out their goals, and then to see them achieve those goals, is one of the best parts of my job,” he says. “A lot of advisors really enjoy the nitty-gritty data-driven side of the business, but for me, I enjoy the personal relationships.”

Given the chance to move from Wilmington to Shallotte, Chick was eager, as was his wife, Candice, since her parents and grandparents live on Oak Island.

But it’s the opportunity to help more people here locally that also compelled him. “I want people here to know that they have access to Fortune 500 financial services right here in their own backyard without having to drive or access services through an 800 number,” Chick says. “As a resident, I’m directly affected by the success and happiness of other local residents.”