More than a Mom

by May 12, 2019Brunswick County Life, South Brunswick


Mother’s Day … It can be a day of joyful celebration or a day of deep sadness and dread.

Maybe you recently became a mom and it is your first year celebrating. Maybe you are mourning the loss of your mom. Maybe you feel like you never had a mom, and maybe you don’t realize mom is just a title.

Mom is a title. While some may beg to differ, in my opinion, a mom is not always the one who gave birth to you. Mom is a title that defines a relationship, not a relative.

She is the person who cries when you cry and cries when you can’t cry. She is the one who would trade places with you any day that you are sick, in danger or heartbroken.

She is the person that causes you so much frustration yet loves you more than anyone.

When you’re a kid, she is the person you cannot live without. She’s the one who helps you study and solve all 60 problems on that homework assignment. She’s the one who makes sure you have something to eat and that you are on time to practice. The one who is infuriated anytime you were laughed at or left out.

She’s definitely the one who drives you crazy in high school. She asks you too many questions and expects more from you than anyone else. Even when you talk back to her, lie to her, ignore her and yell at her, she is still there for you with open arms. And she always encourages you to follow your dreams.

Maybe your relationship with her becomes distant once you move out because you think you are “an adult now.” But then, when you reach your mid-20s, she is the one you don’t want to admit you need the most. She is the person you consult with before making some of the biggest decisions you will ever make, yet she’s the one you don’t call or visit enough.

Your mom is the person who becomes your best friend, the one whose guidance has molded you into the person you are today. She is the person who spending any amount of time with is never enough.

A teacher, sister, grandma, aunt, family friend, coach, foster mother, adoptive mother, biological mother —whoever she is in your life, she is far more than the title you have given her. And the relationship you have with her is one that can so easily weaken if you don’t put in the effort. This Mother’s Day, be thankful for the phone calls, the memories and the life lessons. Be thankful that she will always be your biggest cheerleader.


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