10 Reasons to Love Pilates

by May 20, 2019Brunswick County Life, North Brunswick


In light of Club Pilates coming to Leland, let’s look at the benefits of Pilates.

I hate to admit that before I ever tried Pilates, I already had my mind made up that it was not for me. I really didn’t even have a clue what it was. I thought it was a form of yoga using a machine instead of a mat, and I knew I wouldn’t like it.

But when I heard that Club Pilates will be opening in Leland in June, I wanted to see what Leland’s new gym was going to be all about. So a few weeks ago I decided to give Club Pilates in Wilmington a shot. It’s no secret that I don’t like working out, but I have to say that I loved Pilates from that very first class. Here’s why:

  1. Pilates is a workout that doesn’t make you feel like you’re working out.

  1. Pilates focuses on the muscles that are frequently overlooked with traditional workouts.

  1. It is easy to feel intimidated when you walk into a traditional gym. Club Pilates offers various classes for their membership program, and they also offer an introductory class to make sure you know all the tips and tricks before you are placed into a class.

Instructor: Courtney Hamm

  1. During my experience at Club Pilates, I felt welcomed and understood. The instructor made me feel very comfortable while helping each one of us individually.

  1. Pilates is not fast paced, yet you still work up a sweat and burn just as many calories as you would if you were doing a cardio workout.

  1. Pilates is about gaining and maintaining muscle strength. There also is a heavy focus on letting go and relaxing your mind so that you are engaging every muscle needed to perform a particular move.

  1. The Pilates class felt more like family, like we were all there with one goal in mind — being the healthiest versions of ourselves we can be.

  1. My mom always gets on me about slouchy shoulders. Pilates focuses on body alignment, resulting in improved posture, which can improve your confidence significantly.

  1. Each time you move while doing Pilates, you are thinking of the deep muscles and how the joint moves. Pilates instructors provide cues that make you really understand what you are moving.

  1. Pilates was fun! Unlike a traditional workout that leaves you drenched and exhausted, you leave Pilates class wishing it wasn’t over.

I can’t wait for Club Pilates to come to Leland!

Check out Club Pilates Leland on Facebook for more information!

Tori Cook, Sales Associates & Liza Stevens, General Manager


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